I feel like I should do more

Authors: Kévin <mailto:document@redacted.id>

Date: 2020-12-04


It's been nearly two weeks since I got OH.MG online and I'm always feeling like I should be doing more here, I've had to take holiday time off of work (cos you know where can you go for holidays in 2020) as I'm stuck with an eye watering amount of holiday days to use.


It gives me a bit of time to fix up some of the fast slap up content I've put on here, but also get around to doing the BBS login screen which is going to be a load of laughs since the BBS's ANSI draw programme crashes like it's still the 90s.


I think my main problem is keeping the momentium after I get something technically working, I was able to somewhat painlessly get this site setup without too much drama mixing content from mounted S3 buckets which might have, truthfully, left me a bit disapointed. Is it really a success if you're not getting a load of weird errors ?


One thing I'm really happy about is the stability of the Gemini server now that it's not being smacked around by bots, direct connection between the protocols is not a great thing. Before I found Kiln to generate both Gemini and HTML pages I was considering a WWW > Gopher bridge and build the site directly from my gopherhole. I can't imagine what kind of shitshow that could have turned in to.


Speaking of Gopher, I'm still working out how I'm going to play that out, since there is no real good way to port the gemini content over to the gopher server, the syntax is different, for example # on gemini is a title and for Gophernicus its !, as for the # it intreprets this as something it shouldn't serve. Back in the early days of gopher.is and gemini.is running off Gophernicus this was a fairly usual problem that required two versions of the same site.





In somewhat related news, I've managed to get a script to push updates to the journal on OH.MG and LOAD "JOURNAL",8 at the same time. Since this blog post you're reading is actually from the LOAD "JOURNAL",8 site and rsync'd over to the OH.MG folder it meant I had to manually deploy LOAD "JOURNAL",8 first, then OH.MG. What then happened is I would find an error, fix it, but then only deploy OH.MG and wait to fix it on lj.gl when I got around to posting again.


Simple things really.




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