Kaja's Little Emergency

Authors: Kévin <mailto:document@redacted.id>

Date: 2021-04-22


I'm sure if you read this site long enough you'd know my cat Kaja is one for the extremes.


Last night was no different, out of nowhere she started to become really vocal and really agressive, and it became clear that there was something wrong. She was able to move about normally but struggled to get comfortable, she couldn't lie down properly and started to cry out about it.


As it got worse, I called a 24h vet to see if I could drag her half way across the city, this call took place with Kaja shrieking in the background and taking some real good shots at me, becase, you know, thats what she do.


In the end they said that she was probably in heat and a total asshole, which is of course true, but she wasn't in heat, and to keep an eye on her, if it got worse to call back and they'd do a home visit.


At this point I was checking my credit card limit, cos these people ain't cheap and lady got no insurance (because her age remains a mystery).


Eventually she was able to get comfortable on the duvet, so I had to make her a Kaja side of the bed using my duvet and her favourite pillows, as for me I had to get dressed and put on a jacket to go to bed.


As she settled and started to fall asleep I woke up every 30 minutes or so to check on her, no more cries, she was out like a lamp after really going for it for a couple hours.


In the end the problem was found, when she went to lay a plastic turd.


So here I am waiting to make sure she's still pooping and peeing, her stomach is still a bit bloated but she's not in pain at least.




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