Rachety Rachet

Authors: Kévin <mailto:document@redacted.id>

Date: 2021-02-14


Fuck knows why I went for this title


I'm so keen to get more content on OH.MG, considering I put some rather good effort at it and the Gemini server is getting enough hits to crash it again, it would be logical to do so.


But so far I've been back to my old ways : Buying too many domains and without really a good cause, because, who knows. Me do me boo.


I certainly have a problem, I have so many bright ideas, willing to throw cash I probably don't have at it, then stare at an empty screen when the dopamine from registering yet another name wears off.


No, I must remain focused on OH.MG, and Pie.is, Pie.is basically an OH.MG thing whether you realise it or not.


If you ever wondered why Pie.is exists, well, you may find out of course reading the old histoire de Pie.is


You might have realised that all the pie.is content is also generated out of the OH.MG kiln, in the same way loadjournal.co.za is. Another one of my party tricks, why make an entirely new website when you can just re-use the infrastructure and slap a new html template on it (and maybe also kind of upload it to a new web host).


If you think this entry is a bit disjointed, you're not wrong, it's half rambling, half weird SSH dropping and losing my work, so you get what you're given.


I also need to do a thing on the mailing lists, I have a bunch at groups.io that I've not really taken care of, but I really need to. It's probably cos I have my hands in too many pies.




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