leave.eu dot lol

Authors: Nigel Farage - Professional Clown <mailto:nigel@leave.biz>

Date: 2022-01-04


In the latest installment of "Brexit is totally working" it seems that leave.eu has lost it's domain.




To quote the article :


One case that caught the headlines last year was the domain Leave.eu — registered to the organization of the same name, which had been spearheaded by former Brexiteer MEP Nigel Farage and bankrolled by erstwhile UKIP funder Arron Banks.


Ahead of the Brexit withdrawal date, the organization migrated its registrant address to a location in Waterford, Ireland, in an attempt to prove eligibility for a .eu domain.


However, following an investigation by EURid, the domain was issued with a "withdrawn" status, because the domain holder failed to respond to data verification requests, EURid said on Monday.


As of Monday, the Leave.eu domain name will become available for re-registration by an EU citizen or resident.




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