New Blog / Archive

Authors: Kévin <>

Date: 2021-11-20


It's the weekend and much like the week I'm here behind the keyboard doing online things. I've been trying to get a proper use for Logarion for a while now, and orbitalfox has made a lot of really good changes to the software.


Now we're here, I've had a love-meh relationship with kiln's blog system, I really love it for static pages, but not so much for the whole blogging thing. So here I am mixing my site generators like a heathen, the blog content will be moving over to the Logarion archive. Easy no ?


I also discovered that writing directly in nano connected to SSH is a bad idea, because I just got booted off. I should probably use screen for this. Mañana problem.


Anyways, I've got to start copying over some data, fixing some publishing triggers, so brb while I do my thing.


Also because I'm cool, I'm using the domain as a URL shortener. Take that world !




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