Une soirée avec Kaja

Authors: Kévin <mailto:document@redacted.id>

Date: 2022-02-02



I’m sat outside with Kaja at 2h du mat because she is obsessed with being outside and trying to get to the bins


(IMG) https:omg.singles/f22nx


We were outside for about half an hour before she decided time was up. Still not at all happy about the preventative techniques I used to keep her from invading the neighbours places


This would be my epic security system


(IMG) https:omg.singles/VA1Tq


She’s storming around quite upset, so not exactly sure what she’s been smelling (probably her litter I threw out today) to drive her this nuts


Rodents are always a possibility, it is Paris after all, but she’s not been like this since we moved in about 6 months ago




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