The Good Old Days of Webrings

Authors: Kévin <>

Date: 2021-05-08


Stop feeding the machine


After seeing a conversation on Mastodon about the old web, it turns out that there are quite a few of good wearings still lurking about in the vastness of cyberspace, away from the crazy people silos of social media.


Although HTML has changed a lot in the past, er, 20ish years, there are some interesting finds out there.


I have a lot of love for what I built on OH.MG, because you know, I built it and I’m pretty biased on that front, so of course I dropped my fine little page in a few webrings. Granted I had to be a bit picky since I don’t want to slap this site in images and javascript, even if it is for the greater good.


I did make room for a couple though (so far anyways) :


Gossip’s Web

Really feeling this simple site, you do need to donate 1$ to get listed, which I like as it keeps out the riffraff and supports the service. On the downside not all web users have simple access to a debit card they can use online and some experiment using a free service probably from a library or shared space. The digital divide is indeed real, and that’s coming from somebody who has access to renew my .mg domain at 130€/year let alone being able to host my own infrastructure at home.

A nice little directory, free to submit and very much interesting to poke around. If you don’t have a site, go and check it out, get some ideas, and check out to get started or a pubnix like


Hotline Webring

The easiest one to join and get rolling, a nice set of interesting pages to bump around on.



I’m not totally sure even I get this one, looks like a cool concept which gets you to reach out to the person you took the code from (assuming I got that part right).


That’s pretty much where I am so far, I might add a few on to this list if I add a few more later on.


For the rest of this weekend, I’m working out what else I can really drop into OH.MG, and also trying to keep up with my one item a day on my




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