Well Hello

Authors: Kévin <mailto:bgdc@om.gay>

Date: 2022-01-15


Welcome one and all to OM.GAY (previously OHM.Gay, kind of looked like Ω.gay).


You might as yourself what OM.GAY is all about, it looks very familiar to say, another website, even the same writing style. You'd be correct in that statement.


Because the world is still basically shitty, some of the domains I use are very much anti-LGBT so I need to self-censor some content as not to have them pulled by an irate registrar, so I found OM.GAY was available and I decided this is where I'll drop the kind of content that I'd have to be slightly more cautious about on the other site.


There is no theme, there is just Zul.




Made with disdain à Paris • Barcelona • Oslo </3