Finance Crime is Annoying

Authors: Kévin <>

Date: 2022-02-01



A couple days ago one of my card details were breached somewhere and it was used to make a 230 000 VND purchase on Play store. I stopped the card so quickly, while Google is still investigating, I managed to prevent the transaction from being claimed.


The moral of this story, get a bank that gives you real time notifications of usage, that can geoblock cards to certain countries, and that you can decide the limits / if it can be used in cash machines. I caught the person testing the card with a small limit (230000VND is about 8€) before ramping it up or trying to score it elsewhere.


This is particularly important if your bank will hold a deposit for card disputes (usually per transaction), and good luck doing that if all your funds are gone three days later when it shows up on the statement.




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