Perhaps we start posting again

Authors: Kévin

Date: 2022 04 16

It has been quite a while since I've really posted here and a few things have been going on recently.

I can't remember if I posted about the adoption of two cats from an association at the end of March, but yes it did happen. I've given a home to Jarod an 8 year old street cat and Samy a 1,5 year old who was taken in by a shelter as a kitten.

Jarod is a quirky one, he's a bit rugged, a fat boy who always wants food (regardless if it is for cats or not), and missing a tooth because who knows.

Samy is more of a timmid one, until of course he isn't, then he's a curious little fluffy terrorist.

They've got on since the moment they've met and Jarod seems to be teaching Samy some things. Jarod has let his guard down a bit more now, so I get this war torn kitten flomping in my bed at unreasonable hours looking for cuddles and kneading when he gets them.

Samy too has started coming for more attention as well, I try to give them both the same amount of attention, but until recently Samy would hide under the sofa and hiss. So not exactly an optimal time to shower him with pets.

That plan seems to be working, they both get fed at the same time (and according more towards Samy's needs since he can't eat a whole packet of meat at once, they both get half in the morning and half in the evening), given the same amount of attention now, and space in the house.

That's probably why they're happy with each other (other than being rescue cats who have to be in the presence of other cats all the time) since there is no competition.

They've also taken great affection towards Kaja's things, which is nice that they can be finally loved again and not collect dust. I did have to buy a new cat tree though, Kaja was very much a sleep in small dark spaces, where as these two are content being up high and out in the open. Both of them spent more time on the roof of her cat tree house than in it.

Now that they've got their big one by the window and the other one opposite the sofa, they're starting to sleep in it and not on it.

That's pretty much what's been going on lately, and sorry for the test post since I needed to upgrade my Logarion.

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