Adios Facebook

Authors: Kévin <>

Date: 2022-01-26


A couple days ago doom scrolling, I went outside to doom scroll while smoking for that extra level of doom.


The important flashback here is that my home WiFi is behind a VPN located in a neighbouring country + DNS Ad Blocker, and my mobile phone is on a French network.


Going outside is no bueno to stay on the WiFi, because although my ceiling is made of paper, the walls are very much a mix of a faraday cage and a bunker grade concrete. As usual my phone does it's thing and we're on 4G.


This action, generally not a problem, but on this day I had a little sit down on the toilet, pulled up Farcebook, then took it out side. Zucknet doth not like it when you swap countries hot like that, and I got booted out of my account and forced to log back in again.


Except, this time I couldn't be fucked as I got to open like three apps to get the 2FA code. I finished up, closed Chrome (because I deleted that fucking app a long time ago), went back inside and forgot about it like I normally do.


Repeat the need to inhale nicotine, and we're back to "oh yeah I got kicked off" and I moved over to something else on my phone. This happened in this exact way for two days.


Today I found myself reviewing my lack luster interest in KookyNoVaxQanonbook and I realised that other than some things I do for salaried work in Chrome, it's basically just used for Facebook and the occasional important response to a stupid question via Wikipedia while drunk.


So I re-arranged my needs, I deleted a bunch of apps I really intended to do since forever, but I don't actually look at my phone unless I'm on the toilet, smoking, or trying to pay for some shit because I never bring my wallet anywhere.


One of those things was firing out Chrome from prime position in the bottom bar, and replaced by a gemini browser. You'll probably also see a gopher one near by. (most recent screenshot - work / finance apps redacted)


I've made my boredom surfing different, slightly better to head towards gemini capsules, mastodon,, and because I'm a good Christian looking at shirtless torsos on Twitter and Instagram every so often.


The last cigarette I had, I ran across a gemini capsule in català and that was pretty fun.




Made with disdain à Paris • Barcelona • Oslo </3