Advent Calendar of Disappointment

Authors: Kévin <>

Date: 2020-12-03


Hashtag Christmas, Hashtag Did a Thing, Hashtag Blessed


A little update from the small parisien appartment of doom. Since I moved my site(s) off of Kineto and on to a static served version of OH.MG, I've noticed a real improvement in the reliability of the Gemini server, turns out the only thing wrong with anything internet facing is fucking bots.


Speaking of bots, I received a shit tonne of emails from Instagram on a couple of my domains, I mean like bot farm account grade bounced emails, it's insane. Currently trying to figure out what I do here, but suggestions very much welcome.


I also did an update to and to add a social card when it's shared on the data hoarding sites of the Book of Faces, and Twatter. I'm so hashtag proud, hashtag feed the machine.


As for the title of this post, I think you'll find that I purchased a Kinder advent calendar a few weeks back and I've been looking forward to opening that shit up. The first of December was alright, a kinder klaus, but ever since then the 8€ price tag (reduced from 14€) isn't exactly sparking joy with a little egg or a single Schoko-Bon.


For now, I say good bye sir.




Made with disdain à Paris • Barcelona • Oslo </3