Changes to the System

Authors: Kévin

Date: 2022 04 24


I've done a lot of work recently to "de-Americanify" my presence online. It started with email (which I posted about on :


OK, I finally settled on the new email provider and I’m slowly moving over the domains one by one. Self hosting email has been fine, but I can’t find an equivalent filtering / relay service in Europe that is cheap and functional as the US one I’m using.


I’m also running out of disk space on the self hosted machine and I have zero motivation to install and migrate a new copy on a new machine.


The good part is that I don’t now have to run multiple accounts for my personal email and (kind of the reason I’m moving mostly away from Proton).


Speaking of Proton, this was all really kicked off when their new app showed up. Made the service utterly unusable on Android, on top of the lack of ability to extend beyond Visionary. You run out of space, tough shit, want more domains, lol no.


It was a bit of a hard decision as well, there were two providers I use almost equal but one with ethics more aligned to my own without a few rather important functionalities. If they come up with the goods later, I’ll probably migrate again.


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I also made a huge shift in servers, coming off of the US based VPS I've been using to store and write all my content, to a machine at home in Paris. I should have done this ages ago but I got lazy and here we are finally getting around to it.


I took the opportunity to actually rethink the entire site and how I run it. I've stopped generating different flavours of content on the main machine and put the task of doing that over to the web servers. I have also put the web server behind an EU-CDN provider rather than using three hosting accounts, then manage some magic behind the scenes to have things in places that are more favourable for their task.


My Journal is now in Iceland, Notes are in South Africa, SciFi is in Australia, and the main content is in Norway


Why Iceland ?


The URL scheme now fully matches the gemini version of the site, this was mainly a problem on I'm also now using Logarion to manage everything, a different archive folder for different things to keep the place tidy.




I'm going through a lot of the old content, some of the 2020 stuff I need to get rid of since it's just junk, but the rest I will convert into a sub-archive on Logarion. Going forward this makes it much easier for me to add items or remove them as is into the main Archive (when an item becomes irrelevant but is still being kept for historical reference).


Hopefully now everything will be a little more sane and I reach closer to my dream of a real online archive.




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