How do you do OH.MG ?

Authors: Kévin

Date: 2022 05 02


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OH.MG is made with robots. Mostly.


The main part of OH.MG (and also because it's the same thing really) is created using plain text files that are managed by a lovely piece of software called Logarion.




Next they're filled in to their relevant area / topic, then sent up from the publishing server to the web servers (and Gemini server) as Gemtext.


From there the web servers will process the gemtext and display it as HTML, and the CDN will cache the results to take a bit of the edge off of the servers (and make it a bit quicker to view if you're not in Europe).


I won't mention the behind the scenes things since you can't trust bots on the internet (and bots make up 99% of my traffic).


I also use plausible and goatcounter to keep an eye on content to decide what deserves to go to the archive. Both of which are very GDPR friendly as they track pages not people.






Made with disdain à Paris • Barcelona • Oslo </3